what is article submission in seo

What is Article Submission in SEO?

In this article, we will discuss the article submission in SEO, and it’s benefits, along with the procedure. So, let’s get started.

We all know that the SEO process consists of two parts – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. While On-Page SEO is all about the technical aspects, off-page SEO comes with link-building on third party websites.

Everything You Need to Know About Article Submissions in SEO

Article submission in SEO is one of the Off-Page SEO factors where we build links on third party websites by submitting an article. It is a white-hat SEO process that involves content writing and link-building on high authority websites.

But the question arises – how can we build links with article submission?

There are two methods to acquire a backlink with article submission in SEO. In the first method, we place a contextual link (a link within a paragraph of the article) and submit it to the third party website. Alternatively, we acquire the link from the author’s bio of the article.

The rules of link-placement vary from website to website.

How many types of article submissions are performed in SEO?

Here are some of the article submission types in SEO:

1. Where the user can submit the article and wait for the website admin to approve the article.

2. Instant Submission – Where you register and submit your article without waiting for the approval of the website admin.

What is the procedure to perform Article submission in SEO?

Below is the step-by-step, in-depth guide to performing article submission for SEO.

Step-1: Find the best article submission websites and make a list.

Here’s how you can find the best article submission websites.

  • Go to Google.com and run this query – “article submission websites.”
  • Go through the top 3 results and make a list of websites with Domain Authority greater than your website, and spam score lower than 10%.

Tip: To check the Domain Authority and spam score of a website, go to Moz.com or install the Moz toolbar.

Step – 2: Write some articles based on your niche based on the article submission rules and regulations of those websites.

Step – 3: Register your profiles on these websites and fill your author bio.

Tip: If the article submission website allows you to insert a link in the author bio, make sure you do that.

Step – 4: Go to the submit article section of the website and enter all the required information (Title, Summary, Body, Tags, Featured Image)

Step – 5: Within the body of the article, select a paragraph where you want to build the link from and place your link in your desired anchor text to your website.

Step – 6: Proofread the article for any grammatical errors or plagiarism and make sure it follows the article submission guidelines.

Step – 7: Click on Submit, and your article will be submitted successfully.

However, every article submission website has some guidelines to be followed, and you must respect the same.

What are the basic guidelines for SEO article submissions?

Below are some of the primary article submission guidelines in SEO:

1. The article you submit should be in-depth and must be above 650 words in length.

2. There should be absolutely no plagiarism involved in the article you are submitting.

3. The placement of the backlink should be within a paragraph of the article or the author’s bio (depending on the website rules).

4. You should not link to any illegal source within the article since it could hurt the ranking of the article submission website.

5. The content of the article should be 100% relevant to the title.

6. The article must be completely proofread and not have any grammatical mistakes.

7. Make sure you enter a featured image related to your article topic and insert proper tags.

Benefits of article submission in SEO

So far, we have discussed what is Article Submission in SEO. Now, it’s time to discuss some of the benefits when you choose article submission in your SEO Link Building process.

1. You gain an increase in your website authority and visibility when you opt for the article submission process of SEO.

2. Article submission is one of the best methods of white-hat SEO Link building and can help maintain your rankings in SERPs.

3. You can also count article submission as a content marketing practice. When you share a published article, it helps increase your brand’s online presence.

4. Article submission helps generate traffic to your blog from the third party site.

5. You don’t need to spend a single dime on link building by article submissions. Except for if you wish to hire a content writer for the article.

7. When you submit an article on the category based on your business, it increases the relevancy of your link and indirectly helps in your rankings.

8. Article submissions help increase your brand’s awareness on search engines with regular SEO.

Article submission vs. guest posting

Article Submission in SEO is not to be confused with guest posting. Both are different processes of link building in SEO.

In article submission websites, we simply create an account and submit an article. However, Guest Posting is where you pitch your article idea to a webmaster, and they publish the article on their website after reviewing your article. Guest posting is done on the blogs based on your niche, while article submission websites are nothing more than article directories.


Now that you know what the role of article submission in SEO is, you may go ahead and follow the steps mentioned in this article to get your first article submission backlink.

However, if you find article submission a lengthy process and unable to do it by yourself, feel free to hire the best SEO Company to get the task done.

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