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Travis Macy’s Tips For Better Performance

Courtesy of Adventure World Magazine

Travis Macy’s Tips For Better Performance

Travis Macy has seen success as a professional adventure racer and world-class trail runner and mountain biker. He grew up in Evergreen, Colorado, ran on the varsity track and cross country teams at CU-Boulder, and now lives in Golden, Colorado. He raced with Team Merrell/Zanfel Adventure Racing at Primal Quest Montana in 2008 (2nd place) and will be racing with Team Salomon/Crested Butte later this week at Primal Quest Badlands in South Dakota. Below are his 5 training tips for better performance in any adventure sport.

Five Tips:

1.  The 5:00 a.m. Rule
When you make a plan for a training session, particularly those early/late/cold/wet/miserable ones, create the plan ahead of time and stick with it.  Don’t wait until the moment and then decide if you’re going to do it or not.

2.  Carry a Backpack on all Bike Rides, Year-Round
I have found that carrying a pack of 20-30 pounds on all mountain and road rides increases strength and stamina in the legs, back, and arms.  When you get to Primal Quest, you’re back won’t explode, and when you enter short cycling races you’ll float like a butterfly–and maybe even sting like a bee.

3.  Speed Work
Long, slow distance is crucial to any regimine, but high-end sessions and races are very important to increasing strength, stamina, and speed.  In the winter/spring, in addition to a race every two weeks, I generally shoot for one session of uphill running fartleks per week, four-five by three minutes on with one and a half minutes off.

4.  Snowshoe and Nordic Ski
If possible, spend time in the winter running on snowshoes and nordic skiing.  These low-impact sports provide excellent cardiovascular training and full-body workouts. You’ll probably be even fitter than you were at the end of the summer.
5.  Be Prepared
Since Danelle Ballengee’s accident in 2006, I have been more conscientious about telling someone where I’m going, carrying some type of connection to society (cell phone and/or Spot device), and bringing along contingency gear, such as a space blanket, medical kit, and waterproof jacket.

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