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The Dirty Mamas Do Sam Houston…

The Dirty Mamas Do Sam Houston…

from the American Press
Interview by: Ivy Itchmebad

September 11, 2010


My colleagues in journalism have given me a lead on a story that they promise will make me famous, or if nothing else, at least provide a few laughs along the way for my readers. It is about a group of three middle aged mothers that have been working their way into the world of adventure racing through their team’s, The Dirty Mamas, participation in the Gulf Coast Adventure Racing Series that ultimately culminates in New Orleans in November of this year. Since their first race last June, they have been followed and interviewed by the local newspaper closest to each event to see just what Adventure Racing is all about. My peers encouraged me to continue this trend as the Dirty Mamas entered into my journalism territory of Lake Charles, Louisiana where they were racing at the Sam Houston State Park. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into when I agreed to take on this assignment. As part of my research, I had read my colleagues work Dirty Mamas Beat The Red Stick Hard and Dirty Mamas Take Over The Spillway to gain some insight into these women. If you are not already familiar with their tales, I encourage you too to read up on their journey into Adventure Racing.

I decided I would approach this from another angle that my colleagues had not considered doing. I decided to go undercover and form my own team of female racers to be able to see just how the Dirty Mamas operated first hand, as up until now all of their experiences have been told via eye witnesses or by the women themselves. I needed to see them in action. I wanted to be able to watch them without them knowing I was there. They knew that they would be interviewed, but assumed it would be like before – a series of questions about their race preparation and then again discussing their performance and post race summary. I kept with this plan as well, and didn’t let on that I too had formed a team that would actually be competing against them.

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