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Point Series Rules


Each team must consist of 3 members, and must compete in either All-Male, All-Female, Coed, or Coed Masters divisions.


You must keep your team name the same throughout the series to be sure to be credited your team’s points.


Your team’s races must be in the same division to count toward the series totals.


Prizes will be given to the top three finishing teams at each event.


The team members that participate in your first series race will be your “main” team. Any person who races on your team thereafter is considered an alternate.


Each team is permitted to use only 1 alternate at any given race.


Each team is permitted to have only 2 alternates throughout the series. (Alternates do not have to be declared.)


To be eligible for the “Louisiana Adventure Racing Series”, each team must participate in at least 2 races in the series.


Only 3 of the 4 races will count towards your total series championship scores. So, if teams can’t make a race, no big deal. You’re still in the running. Or, if your team has an off day, your series isn’t over. Race in as many of the events as you like and we will add up your top race point scores and award great prizes to the top five teams in each division.


Teams may earn 50 extra points per race season toward their series totals by volunteering at one Louisiana Adventure event during the current year’s race season. Volunteers may be racers or non-racers including family members. To volunteer for an event, e-mail Dave at laadventureracing@gmail.com. Hurry! Volunteer space is limited for each event.


In case of a tie in the overall points series, the team with the highest place finish in the Championship Race will be awarded the Overall Series Title in their division.


Points will be awarded to the top 25 finishing teams in the All-Male, All-Female, Coed, or Coed Masters divisions. These points will go toward determining the overall “Series Champions” in each division.


The “Louisiana Adventure Race Series” has points that are distributed at each of the individual events within the series. These points are awarded based on overall finishing position of the individual events, and enable the teams to compete for the “Louisiana Series Championship” in their division. Points are accumulated from race to race. Series points winners are announced at the conclusion of the “Series Championship” Race.
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