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New to Adventure Racing

New to Adventure Racing

New To the Sport?

Adventure racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It involves many disciplines such as biking, running/trekking, canoeing, orienteering and mystery events. But what really makes this such a unique sport is that you compete as a team, not as an individual, and you do not have to be the best or fastest to be successful. These races test your will and endurance and success is achieved by crossing the finish line.

But what exactly is Adventure Racing? It can be broken down into 3 types of races: Sprint races – 2 to 6 hours; Middle distance races – 12 to 48 hours; Expedition races – 5 to 10 days. The most common of these is the sprint race, with core events of trail running (2 -7 miles), mountain biking (6 – 18 miles), and paddling (1 – 5 miles). Sprint races also include “mystery events,” which test the team’s ability to complete physical or mental challenges as a group. Almost all Gulf Coast Racing events are sprint races. You can check out distances for each race by clicking on the event calendar.

So, you want to compete in your first Adventure Race? Great! But, where do you go from here? You’ll need to think about the following things to prepare for your first event:

Find a Team – Recruit teammates who have similar goals and objectives as you. It’s great to find teammates with specialties, like paddling or navigation, but it’s most important to find people you’ll actually enjoy racing with! Use the “Teammate Finder” section of the site to help locate teammates with similar goals/objectives as yours.

Set Your Goal – Are you “In It to Win It” or is your goal to just finish the race and have some fun? Make sure you and your teammates all agree.

Pick an Event and Get In – Download the form or sign up online. There’s no going back now, so get training!

Practice, Practice, Practice – Get outside and do some training with your teammates on all the disciplines – running/hiking, canoeing and mountain biking. Pay special attention to practicing orienteering and navigation. Train with a backpack on to let your body adjust to those extra pounds of gear, food & fluids you’ll carry during the race.

Get the Gear – A typical race will require each member of your team to have a mountain bike, helmet, compass, first aid kit, bike repair kit, and food & fluids to get you through the course, among other things. Most race organizers provide teams with canoes/kayaks, PFD’s, paddles and maps of the course. Specific requirements are explained on the registration forms or given in the informational letter after you register. The team must supply all other equipment.

Have Fun – Adventure Racing is a continuous learning process. Even if you don’t have all the latest gear, get out there and try this exiting new sport. You will be hooked after your very first race! And, the next time you see the Primal Quest or Eco Challenge on television, you will see those racers with a whole new appreciation! To find out more information about getting involved in Adventure Racing, e-mail Dave at dave@gulfcoastadventure.com.

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