iSecuro: Case Study

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iSecuro: Case Study

iSECURO is a GPS tracking company based in Delhi and Noida, started in 2015. The main product they deal in is the GPS ID card trackers for school kids. With features like real-time location, voice monitor, Geo-fence alarm and SOS emergency call, this product was diverse in usage. Their aim goal was digital marketing for online presence and lead generation.

We looked into the project and analyzed that it needs social media presence and highly effective SEO as well. Taking a complete 6 months to achieve the goal, we gave large attention to its branding part. After about 2-3 months, they started to get leads organically from facebook. That was considered to be the biggest achievement from our side.

We also worked on SEO and some of the major keywords got ranked by our excellent link building strategy for the product.

Here you can see the twitter impressions in a month. It started increasing in 2-3 months.

Here are the latest facebook impression –

Finally, here you can notice the google analytics for one month. It gradually started growing. Traffic grew from 80 users per month to 1000 users per month.

Isecuro is today generating large traffic from Social media & SEO process. We can see how they are getting potential leads from facebook itself after they created a good repo and posted enough content on the social media channels. They created a trustworthy brand image which is very important these days, and we made sure it is happening.

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