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Doing the Legwork

Doing the Legwork

By Jim Davies.. Via [Sleepmonsters.com]

The broad spectrum of adventure races means that the type of running encountered can vary from short and fast stages to long 20 hour plus mountain sections. These longer stages are often encountered on the expedition type adventure races where running may be confined to the flat and down hill sections, more trekking than running in fact..

1. Preparation and Planning

Everyone will be in slightly different situations with respect to their running abilities, experience, fitness, available time for training etc. To maximise the benefits from training good preparation and planning is required and there are a number of key areas to consider.

Distance and Terrain

Races range from the fast and furious to stamina endurance events lasting days. Most running is off road. Terrain covered can vary depending on the type and location of the race. Fast undulating running on easy tracks and trails may be encountered on the shorter courses while some races will take you into rugged mountain country with few paths and long climbs and even steeper rougher descents. Planning your years races well in advance will allow you to focus and train effectively for the type of running you will be doing.

Self Assessment

No matter what your ability, to improve your running it is important to recognise areas of weakness and target these during your training. Areas to consider include:

– stamina
– speed
– climbing
– descending
– confidence over rough ground


Everybody will be in different situations with respect to their available time to train. If possible, plan your weekly running schedule ahead. This will provide a focus for your training but also hopefully ensure that you don’t neglect your other commitments. Depending on your available time think about shorter runs during the week with maybe one longer run at the weekend.

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