Case Study: Lok Kalyan Samiti

client - lok kalyan samiti

Case Study: Lok Kalyan Samiti

Digital marketing in a shell

Well if we talk about digital marketing in general, it is a process which helps us to bring a large number of relevant traffic to your business website. Which turns into the potential lead generation means as well. Yes, we increased traffic and donations for Lok Kalyan Samiti Organization, who are our Digital Marketing Client.

Very soon, you are going to learn how we did it.

About Lok Kalyan Samiti

Lok Kalyan Samiti is a decade-old non-profit organization based in central Delhi. Their main area of service was Sponsor a Child program, Cataract surgeries, and general medical services. Their main motive like any other NGO was to bring more donations in, and that’s where we came in the picture. We decide to strategize our services in a way in which they first get appropriate traffic then start getting donations from around the world. Let’s see how we did that.

Website Analytics

website analytics lks

Above is the google analytic report that describes the initial traffic of Lok Kalyan Samiti’s website. Here you can analyze the traffic for the whole year 2017.

(P.S. This is before we came into the picture and took control of the digital marketing)

lks traffic sources

In this screenshot, you can find the sources from where the traffic is generated in the whole year.

Now, let us take you to the very next year where we started working for the NGO and showed an enormous amount of increase in the website’s traffic.

lks website traffic increased

You can also see how multiple channels produced so much traffic to the website as well.

multiple traffic channels

Organic search is 6,571 with traffic generated from social media channels are 636 users.

Current Social media Channels Performance

Monthly Twitter Insight

lks twitter insights

Monthly Facebook Insight

lks facebook insight

Our Strategy & Execution

Keeping it simple is our motto. They require certain things for which their traffic needed to be increased. Everything took quite a time, but within 6-8 months they started to see a lot of improvement. Patience is the key to success, that’s why we ask our clients to be clear with their goals and let us take control over the marketing tenure.

Major factors that contributed to website traffic growth

  • Understanding Goals – First and foremost, we try to understand your future goals. Be it traffic, sales, branding or just online appearance. We need to know your ultimate goal to get digital marketing services. So that we can provide you a complete 6 months strategy.
  • Keyword Analysis & Webmaster Guidelines – We always play by the rules, that’s what keeps us going. We move according to the updated google guidelines only.
  • Regular On-page & off-page Check up – We check the website every week for On-Page SEO Errors and fix what needs to be fixed.
  • Evolving our strategies – This is the most important step, which includes everything, content management, ORM, branding, etc. Our mind keeps on inventing new plans for you to reach on the top.

Today, they are receiving thousands of donations from various channels, countries, and methods. Taking care of the precious budget they are providing we aim to increase our efficiency for the NGO.

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