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Bike Maintenance

Bike Maintenance

Pro Tips From Eastbank Cyclery

Jonathan Hebert is a bike mechanic at Eastbank Cyclery in Kenner La. He has been into sports and a bike tech since 1996. “We have a great team at Eastbank Cyclery. So, come by and check out our store. Meet us and let Eastbank Cyclery take care of all your cycling needs. I am here to help you with some tech tips to help keep your mountain bike running smooth. We’ll start with some simple maintenance and work our way up to more complicated adjustments.”

How to Clean your Drivetrain

Mountain biking is a dirty sport and we all need to take time out to learn and practice cleaning our drivetrain and reapplying lube. The drivetrain the the most important part of your bike. It consist of your chain, crank, the cassette which are the gears on the rear wheel, and front & rear derailleurs. A clean drivetrain will shift gears faster, smoother and most of all quietly. The built-up dirt in the rear derailleur system will create extra resistance making your bicycle harder to pedal. Keeping your your drivetrain clean and lubed will increase the life span of each of these components and will save you money when its time for those bike repairs.

Getting Started

Tools needed: Environmentally friendly degreaser Garden hose Old towel Chain cleaner Scrub brush Start off with hosing down the entire drivetrain. With low to medium water pressure, spray the entire drivetrain with your Eco friendly degreaser. Using a scrub brush, scrub the chain, cassette, and front & rear derailleurs until you have loosened up all of the dirt.

It’s Easy

Now, get the chain cleaner (tool). Fill the cleaner with your choice of degeaser, and install the chain cleaner on your chain. Spinning the cranks in a counter-clockwise direction or in the normal direction if on a repair stand, you will see the dirt and muck loosen up and start to break down. When you see that the chain is coming out of the tool clean, but looks like the chain is covered in dirty water, remove the chain cleaner.

Look at that Shine!

Grab your garden hose and spray your chain with low to medium water pressure until you rinse off all the degreaser and the loose dirt is removed. Your chain should now look very clean and almost new! Remember, lubes will not adhere to a chain with degreaser still on it. So, get all of the degreaser off your drivetrain.

Proper Lube to Protect

Dry off as much of the drivetrain as you can with your towel. Whichever bicycle lube you use (bike-specific lube in a dip style bottle works best and is the least messy), drip the lube on the inside of the chain while spinning the pedals (crank) counter-clockwise. Drip a small amount of chain lubricant on the chain links and rollers, the moving parts of the front and rear derailleurs, and the cassette. Keep spinning the cranks backwards for a couple of rotations letting the lubricant seep into the cracks of your drive train.


Clean and lube your drive train before every race. Don’t forget to wipe off the excess lube. You should lube your chain once a week in normal conditions. You should always clean and lube you drive train after a wet/muddy ride

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