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Adventure Racing 101 (Part 4)

Adventure Racing 101 (Part 4)
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Mountain Biking

Most people considering an adventure race are pretty familiar with mountain biking and what it takes to train for it, so I wont spend a lot of time here. I’ll just cover a few tips that are adventure racing specific:

*For sections that are certain to be at night, go big with the lights if the course is remotely technical. The extra weight will be worth the increased speed and safety. We use the Light and Motion “Stella’, which gives us that serious “turn night into daylight” setting as well as two lower levels for the less technical stuff. It’s also super lightweight, so it works great as a helmet mounted light.
*Rig two bikes with tow lines, and all bikes with small hooks to receive a tow. We’ve had great success using retractable dog leashes (for small dogs) as tow lines. Just cut off the latch at the end, tie the end of the line into a three-inch circle that fits over the receiving hook on your bike(s), and zip tie the leash casing under your seat and around your seat tube. Voila! This is called the “Rocky” system, since my buddy, Isaac Wilson’s Jack Russell sacrificed his leash for our initial test run of this system for Eco-Challenge 2001.
*Try to use the same pedal system as your teammates in case you need to swap bikes or bits of bikes for some reason.
*Buy or make a system for easy access to your food at all times. You will probably not be stopping to eat, and not eating on a mountain bike leg is not an option. I use a “bento box” rigged on my cross tube.

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