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Wishing You the Best!

Wishing You the Best!

Susan’s coming home today!

Kristen’s latest blog reports Susan coming home this afternoon. The doctor’s gave the okay so it looks like they have to get all the paperwork in order and she’ll be out of there! I would have to guess this is the longest ‘adventure race’ Susan’s ever done.  Everyone’s support and prayers have been wonderful. She still has a long recovery at home, so keep those prayers coming.



David and all the Gulf Coast Adventure Racing staff and volunteers would like to wish a speedy recovery to Susan Landry of team Blue Runner.

Susan Has been participating in the Gulf Coast Adventure series for almost 10 years. She has run on Co-ed, all Female, and Co-ed Masters (her current team this year being Blue Runner).  Susan is an avid sports enthusiast.  She plays soccer (coed, co-ed over 40, and females). She play volleyball, rides bikes and runs regularly with the Baton Rouge Varsity running group.

During the race in New Orleans, running in 1st place for the Co-ed Masters Division, and having shredded the Massey’s challenge, Susan had a fall on her bike.  It is suspected that Susan’s tire either got stuck in a trolley rail, or her peddle clipped the curb.  Susan hit the road hard, staying unconscious for almost two hours, and possible chipping a bone in her elSusan Landry Spillway 2010bow.

Susan is still in Intensive Care at University Hospital. As of Sunday afternoon, the word is that she is beginning to remember a lot, and even remembers being in the race itself.  She is listed as on her way to recovery.

We look forward to seeing Susan out on the roads of Baton Rouge, running, playing soccer, volleyball, and of course as member of the Gulf Coast Adventure Racin’ to New Orleans 2011!!

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